Welle Law offers a variety of construction law services to public contractors in Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska. Our services are designed to respond to each unique challenge on a budget that fits the job.

Trusted Advice

Do you need to respond to the latest crisis? Or do you need to evaluate risks for a new opportunity?

Our construction attorneys have helped clients with some of their toughest and most important challenges. A thoughtful and committed advisor can be a crucial asset through your most demanding times.

Effective Advocacy

You need to communicate your position clearly, accurately, and consistently, especially when your first “jury” might be the engineer who designed the project.

We can help you effectively communicate with engineers, owners, contractors, judges, arbitrators and juries, about fairness and equity, contract obligations, and complicated facts.

Reliable Resource

This website includes photos of heavy equipment for a reason. Your construction attorney should know how to use your contracts just as well as your best operators know how to use their machines.

When plans change, we help our clients quickly form and execute a strategy to respond. This includes helping prepare:

    • Letters to preserve contract rights
    • Letters to document project changes
    • Claims that meet contract requirements
    • Claims that are understandable
    • Claims that are documented
    • Claims prepared for an engineer’s scrutiny
Problem Solving

Our clients trust us to evaluate construction law issues that are both high-stakes and difficult. We understand and simplify the details in order to present an accurate and persuasive big picture.

We’ve helped contractors analyze cost, production, and other project records, as well as schedules, plans, technical specifications, and reports from the field, to ensure their claims can be proven, in court if necessary.

Courtroom Professionals

The decision to litigate should never be taken lightly.

When the prospect of litigation approaches, you need an attorney who can be ready for anything, stay focused on your goals, have a strategy to win, respond when plans change, meet a budget, and give you frank advice about settlement opportunities.


We have helped clients navigate construction law issues at all phases, including:

    • Contract drafting and negotiation
    • Change orders
    • Equitable contract adjustments
    • Time extensions
    • Claims
    • Dispute resolution
    • Mediation
    • Arbitration
    • Litigation
    • Appeals

We believe that the best part about construction law is the construction. The planning and execution of large public works projects is nothing short of amazing. Working with different specialties has taught us to appreciate the unique challenges of each trade.

We have helped contractors with problems involving:

    • Bridges
    • Cofferdams
    • Flood control
    • Concrete structures
    • Foundations
    • Chip seals
    • Concrete pavement
    • Asphalt pavement
    • Mix designs
    • Aggregate production
    • Aggregate mining
    • Grading
    • Earthwork
    • Water systems
    • Sanitary sewer
    • Open cut trenches
    • Horizontal directional drilling
    • Oil pipelines
    • Electrical distribution
    • Mechanical and plumbing systems
    • Wastewater treatment systems
    • Terrazzo
    • Security
    • DBE certification
    • DBE compliance (including good faith efforts)
    • CPM scheduling


A winning legal strategy requires a budget that fits the job.

That means clients should have the ability to know costs up front. That also means costs should not paralyze us from taking a stand, through trial and appeal when necessary.

Like all lawyers, we charge for our services. Unlike most lawyers, our fees are predictable. This means that we discuss a budget during our initial consultation, we offer not-to-exceed budgets, and we only bill for approved fees.

We also make sure each invoice is detailed and transparent, so you always know exactly what we are doing on your behalf and what you are paying for.

Construction attorneys can learn a lot from contractors, including that there is a better way to offer great legal service, one where clients can know what a job will cost before deciding if they want to buy it.