Service Matters.

Focused, Professional Service

Our clients are busy. They want clear advice. They need the job done. Our construction attorneys deliver a level of service that’s always professional, attentive, on time, and focused on the client’s objectives.

We believe great service starts by listening closely to our clients. We know that staying profitable in public construction means you have to:

  • Bid low
  • Plan your work
  • Get timely and unrestricted access to the job site
  • Mobilize the right equipment at the right time
  • Work your plan
  • Encounter no unexpected conditions
  • Meet or exceed productivity
  • Meet or beat the schedule
  • Meet all specifications
  • Stay safe

Focused, professional service should never interfere with, but should always support, the tireless demands of low-bid contracting.

By understanding our clients’ goals and demands, we help them respond with a strategy when unexpected events threaten an otherwise successful project.

Honesty Matters.

Integrity Builds Success

Successful contractors build their companies and their projects with integrity—in management, at the home office, and in the field. Building a claim or defense with the tools in the contract should receive the same dedication.

Honesty is a source of strength. Construction attorneys, like contractors, should reach successful outcomes because of their integrity, not in spite of it.

This requires honest, frank, and clear advice and advocacy, based on the facts, the contract, and the law. Sometimes we should be ready and willing to compromise. Other times, we should be ready and willing to defend our position, through trial and appeal, on a budget that fits the case.

We encourage our clients to do what’s right and fair, because in the long term, this will build stronger relationships and stronger financial outcomes.

Reliability Matters.

Better Results

Goodwill, credibility, and opportunities are hard to measure, but even harder to lose. Our clients get better results because we offer reliable resources to help address contract challenges clearly and accurately.

Our advice and our work should consistently make our clients stronger. Our clients always receive work that is clear, thoughtful, verified, accurate, and consistent.

As part of our commitment to quality, we promise every client:

  • Our firm will always work hard for your business.
  • Our advice will be clear and practical.
  • Our work will be organized and on time.
  • Our costs will be fair, predictable, and agreed upon by you.
  • You will receive excellent service.
  • You can count on receiving high-quality work.